Community Engagement

Lights on Santa Bárbara

a project of Fundación de la Villa de Santo Domingo supported by

Dominican residents and donations from the

Colonial Lights Foundation in the USA

Lights on Santa Bárbara

Raising up a community one life at a time

International Support

What is Colonial Lights Foundation?

A non-profit organization in the USA with 501(c)(3) status, contributions to the foundation are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law for US tax-payers. Founded by the directors of Fundación de la Villa de Santo Domingo to broaden the organization's support base to include international donors, its mission is to support the education and community engagement projects of the Fundación de la Villa de Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.


Ways you can support this project:

Your tax deductible contribution

(USA taxpayers) helps make this project possible.

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