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Since its founding in 2011, Conciertos de la Villa has hosted artists of international stature. Festival2020 features the oldest continuously performing musical ensemble in the United States, Boston's Handel and Haydn Society performing on period instruments in Iglesia Regina Angelorum. Festival2020 also showcases a new generation of musicians in the newly renovated Iglesia Santa Bárbara. 

Handel and Haydn Society

Performing the Complete Brandenburg Concertos on Period Instruments
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"While Bach himself never heard all six [Brandenburg Concertos] performed together (or at all), if he happened to have wandered in, he would have approved, and maybe joined in....grace, energy, virtuosity, and joie de vivre."

Patrick Valentino,

The Boston Musical Intelligencer

The Handel and Haydn Society is internationally acclaimed for its performances of Baroque and Classical music. Based in Boston, H+H’s Orchestra and Chorus delight more than 50,000 listeners each year with a nine concert subscription series at Symphony Hall and other leading venues, in addition to a robust program of intimate events in museums, schools, and community centers. Under the leadership of Artistic Director Harry Christophers, the ensemble embraces historically informed performance, bringing classical music to life with the same immediacy it had the day it was written. Through the Karen S. and George D. Levy Education Program, H+H also provides engaging, accessible, and broadly inclusive music education to thousands of children each year. Founded in Boston in 1815, H+H has performed for 205 consecutive seasons, the most of any arts organization in the U.S. and is unique for its longevity, capacity for reinvention, and distinguished history of premieres.

H+H began as a choral society founded by middle-class Bostonians who aspired to improve the quality of singing in their growing American city. They named the organization after two composers—Handel and Haydn—to represent both the old music of the 18th century and what was then the new music of the 19th century. In the first decades of its existence, H+H gave the American premieres of Handel’s Messiah (1818), Haydn’s Creation (1819), Verdi’s Requiem (1878), and Bach’s St. Matthew Passion (1879). Between 2014 and 2016, H+H celebrated its Bicentennial with two seasons of special concerts and initiatives to mark 200 years of music making. Since its founding, H+H has given more than 2,000 performances before a total audience exceeding 2.8 million.

In addition to its subscription series, tours, and broadcast performances, H+H reaches a worldwide audience through ambitious recordings including the critically-acclaimed Haydn The Creation, the best-selling Joy to the World: An American Christmas, and Handel Messiah, recorded live at Symphony Hall under Christophers’ direction.The Handel and Haydn Society began its tradition of Historically Informed Performance (HIP) in 1986 when Christopher Hogwood assumed the position of Artistic Director. Since then the Society has emerged as one of the nation’s preeminent period orchestras.

The HIP movement began in the 1970s when people started to ask why works were being performed on instruments that hadn’t been available to the artists who composed them. For instance, the keyboard Bach used was different from the one used by Mozart, and in turn the one used by Mozart was very different from that of Beethoven. In order to appreciate the intended effects of their works, it made sense that they be performed on the instruments for which they were written.

The most visible differences between modern and period instruments can be seen in the woodwinds, which have fewer keys and are actually made of wood instead of metal or plastic. Brass instruments, meanwhile, have simpler lines and no valves. More subtle differences include the use of gut strings instead of steel in the string section, as well as lower pitches throughout the orchestra.

Ensembles were far smaller in the 18th century, and composing a symphony for 100 players was unheard of. Therefore, HIP orchestras are also smaller, with Handel and Haydn’s ranging from 25 to 50 instrumentalists depending on the performance.

Through HIP, audiences have the opportunity to hear the unique textures and dynamics afforded by period instruments and orchestras. Musical lines that might disappear in larger ensembles become clearer and more prominent, and the end result is a truly intimate and gratifying musical experience.

Featured Artists for Dominician Showcase

Ramses Cid, Violin

Ramses Cid was born in 1995 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He began his musical studies at the age of 8 at the "Elila Mena" Elementary School of Music under the tutelage of Professor Hermes Mejía. Later he entered the Diná Musical Education Studio where he was awarded a scholarship to continue and raise his theoretical knowledge. At 16 Ramses entered the National Conservatory of Music of the Dominican Repulbic where he was in the studio of Professor Mercedes Ariza. In 2012 he was part of the Gabriel del Orbe violin program of the Foundation for Music, an institution directed by Mrs. Margarita Auffant. The main objective of this foundation is to raise the level of execution of young Dominican talents in the art of violin, through tutelage by Paul Kantor, teacher at the Sally Shepherd School of Music of Rice University and his son Timothy Kantor.


At the age of 11, Ramses made his solo debut with the National Symphony Orchestra of the Dominican Republic, performing the Bach Violin Concerto in A minor, under the baton of the award-winning maestro Álvaro Manzano. Additionally, he was awarded the first place in the Piano, Song and Strings competitions of Cibao (Elementary and Intermediate Level). This contest is sponsored by Estudio Diná and is held in the city of Santiago, Dominican Republic. At the age of 12, he entered the System of National Youth and Children's Symphony Orchestras, with teacher Darwin Aquino as head conductor and teacher Fernando Herrera as associate director. With this orchestra he made national and international tours and also held the position of concertmaster for four years.

In 2012 he was part of the Young Philharmonic of the Dominican Republic under the direction of maestro Benjamin Zander. In 2013 he was selected by the Ibero-American Orchestra System (Iberorquesta) to represent the Dominican Republic as a violinist to record the danzones of the composer Arturo Márquez with the Symphony Orchestra of the State of Mexico. In 2014 he was selected by The Orchestra of the Americas as the first violin on his tour of the Caribbean; acting on that occasion under the baton of teachers Carlos Miguel Prieto and Rafael Payare.


Ramses has taken master classes with great violinists such as: Ilya Kaler, Leon Spierer (Ex-concertmaster of the Berliner Philharmoniker), Paul Kantor, Charles Castleman, Kurt Nikkanen, Timothy Kantor, Julieta Mihai, and Robert Davidovici, among others. He has been invited several times to play in the orchestra of the Santo Domingo Music Festival sponsored by the Sinfonía Foundation and conducted by Maestro José Antonio Molina. Last year he participated with his brother and fellow violinist Carlos Cid in a chamber music camp organized by Western Illinois University under the training of Julieta Mihai, Istvan Szabo and Moisés Molina.


As a soloist, Ramses Cid has had the opportunity to perform the concertos of Felix Mendelssohn, Max Bruch and W. A Mozart accompanied by the National Youth Symphony Orchestra of the Dominican Republic,  and the Sibelius Violin Concerto with the Orchestra of the National Conservatory of Music under the baton of maestro Dante Cucurullo. His repertoire includes the concertos of Mozart, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Bruch, Brahms, Lalo, Tchaikovsky,Sibelius, and Shostakovich. In 2016, Ramses Cid was awarded a full scholarship to study at the Nicholls State University Music Conservatory in Louisiana, where he continues his studies under the tutelage of Professor James Alexander.

Ramiro Cómpres, Percussion

Ramiro Cómpres began his musical training in the music program of the Apec Minetta Roques School, as percussionist of the band. In 2007 he began his studies at the National Conservatory of Music of the Dominican Republic and later in the United States at the  Schwob School of Music of Columbus State University, where he studied as a recipient of the prestigious Woodruff scholarship. His main mentors were Dr. Paul Vaillancourt (Schwob School of Music) and maestro Remy Taveras (RD National Symphony Orchestra). Other influential figures include Master Mark Yancich (Timpanist of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra), William Linwood (Timpanist of the Victoria Symphony Orchestra in Canada) and Alejandro Coello (Professor at the Franz Liszt University of Germany).


Internationally, he has performed concerts on various stages in Europe including the "Mozarteum" in Salzburg, Austria, also in Germany and Prague; and within the Americas, in the United States, Mexico, Colombia and Canada. He has participated in several international festivals such as the ''Prague Summer Nights Young Artists Music Festival'', ''PRISMA'' (Pacific Region International Summer Music Academy) in Canada and as a member of the Central American and Caribbean Youth Orchestra.


From 2013 to 2017 Ramior was a member of the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra, an auditioned position. He was also a substitute percussionist for the Columbus Symphony Orchestra in the State of Georgia, guest percussionist for the State Orchestra of Mainz Germany as part of a series of Latin American music concerts and the International Youth Orchestra in the State of Virginia. Ramiro Compres has collaborated with many international conductors such as Philippe Entremont, Benjamin Zander, Ramón Tebar, Arthur Fagen, Arthur Arnold, John Thomas Dodson, Paul Hostetter, and Richard Prior, among others.

In the Dominican Republic Ramiro Cómpres was a member of the National Youth Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Darwin Aquino, with which he made international appearances in Germany and New York as well as concerts throughout the Dominican Republic. He has been part of the Juan Pablo Duarte Symphony Orchestra under the direction of maestro Dante Cucurullo. He has also been a percussionist of the Santo Domingo Festival Orchestra, of the Young Philharmonic of the Dominican Republic and a guest percussionist of the National Symphony Orchestra of the Dominican Republic, under the direction of maestro Jose Antonio Molina. In Ramiro presented concerts in Colombia with the Dominican Wind Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Andres Vidal and through the auspices of Yamaha. As part of the Festival of Conciertos des La Villa de Santo Domingo, Ramiro Compres has performed concerts since its inception in 2011 as the main tympanist of the Colonial Camerata, under the direction of John Thomas Dodson and most recently as a collaborative percussionist with Chicago's Axiom Brass

Juan Carlos Martínez Martínez, Clarinet

Juan Carlos Martínez Martínez is a Dominican clarinetist of Colombian parents. He is currently completing his Masters Degree in Clarinet at New York University (NYU) under the instruction of the Spanish clarinetist and clarinetist of the New York Philharmonic Pascual Martínez-Forteza. Before attending NYU, Juan received his degree in clarinet at Peabody Conservatory of Music, where he studied with Eugene Mondie. Recently Juan Carlos was the winner of a competition at NYU, resulting in an opportunity to appear as a soloist with the NYU Symphony Orchestra in a performance of Concerto No.1 by Louis Sphor for clarinet and orchestra.


Juan Carlos began his musical studies in the city of Barahona at the academy of city music, under the instruction of Professor Orlando and Maestro Librado Santana In 2005 he began to receive classes with the Cuban clarinetist Roberto Medina,  professor at the National Conservatory of Music of the Dominican Republic. In 2012, along with his brother Juan Esteban Martínez, his clarinet duo Hermanos Martínez was selected to play in a series of concerts called Young Interpreters in the concert hall of the Luis Ángel Library Arango in Bogotá, Colombia.


In 2013 Juan was selected as one of the young musicians to play as a soloist in a series of concerts with the Orchestra National Symphony (OSN). That same year he also played solo with the Juan Pablo Duarte Symphony Orchestra of the National Conservatory of Music. As an orchestra musician, Juan participated as the second clarinetist of the OSN during the symphonic season of the year 2013. Juan Carlos has also played with Peabody Symphony Orchestra, Peabody Concert Orchestra and the NYU Symphony Orchestra. In addition to his degree in clarinet, Juan Carlos also obtained the degree of Electronic and Communications Engineering obtained in INTEC in 2013, a degree in Sound Engineering and a Masters in Acoustics obtained in 2018 at Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University.

Claudia Reyes, Percussion

From a young age Claudia Reyes was very close to musical experiences due to the influence of father Claudio Reyes, a music educator. During her childhood, accompanied by his father and brothers, she spent her weekends  listening to concerts or rehearsals of different classical groups such as the Symphony Orchestra National, as well as being exposed to meréngue and other Latin music genres.


Claudia's musical training began at the piano in her father's music school "Luis Alberti Academy of Music" at the age of six and continued at the "National Conservatory of Music" from the age of 14, at the hands of the distinguished teacher Samia Abkariam. At 17 she began studying classical percussion in the same institution under professors Luis Martínez and Remy Taveras. In 2008 she was admitted to the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico, where she completed her undergraduate degree in  Classical Percussion after completing her studies with Professor Jose Alicea Sword.

With the intention of expanding her musical horizons, within the Conservatory of Puerto Rico she began taking popular music classes and improvisation which allowed her to participate in both classical and popular musical groups inside and outside the Conservatory, including serving as timpanist in the renowned international youth orchestra camp "JOA 2016", in San Juan Puerto Rico.


n 2013, After finishing her degree at the Conservatory of Puerto Rico, she returned to Santo Domingo and since then has been an auxiliary percussionist in the National Symphony, a teacher of classical percussion at the Conservatory of Music of Santo Domingo, Director of the Symphonic Band at the Carol Morgan School and the rhythmic band teacher in the First Lady's artistic teaching project “Angels of the Culture”..


In March 2015, together with her friend Marlene Mercedes she co-founded the musical group “EjazzSon” in which she serves as artistic director and plays  percussion/vibraphone. She has also participated in numerous musical groups with internationally renowned artists including Amaury Sánchez, Patricio Bonilla, Patricia Abreu, Dante Cucurullo, Carlos Veitia, Jose Rafael Reyes, Joyce Roy, Jose Antonio Molina, Cesar Suarez, Rafael (the cougar) among others.

Featured Artists for Education Programs



KORIBE is the Chamber Choir of the Ministry of Culture of the Dominican Republic. Its name recalls the indigenous Caribbean voice with which this cultural region was baptized. Its sonority and chamber choir format is determined by the number of singers in the group. Begun in 2013 this choir of 20 musicians,  has made numerous presentations, winning the esteem and approval of the many diverse audiences it serves.

Koribe’s varied repertoire integrates works of diverse genres and styles, and it dedicates a special interest to Dominican, Caribbean and Latin American music. It seeks to showcase the brilliant sounds of the Dominican culture, the richness of its languages ​​and the wide colors of its folkloric traditions.

The group is currently working on the production of its new project ¨Colección Musical Raíz” (Musical Roots Collection), a selection of 31 new choral works resulting from the research by its director, Nadia Nicola, on the Coopersmith Collection Archives and dedicated to the vocal expression of the Dominican rural environment. Recent recordings include 9 luces Navideñas Dominicanas" (2015) and "Patria" (2016).

As an artistic group, this chamber choir takes on a social responsibility and, together with its schedule of presentations in formal and representative spaces, conceives and executes the program "KORIBE sings to its people". Through presentations and educational recitals in schools, hospitals, hospices, parks and squares Koribe takes choral music to places where, sometimes, more is desired and less is expected - offering an embrace of friendship, joy, education and hope through music.

Koribe was a featured ensemble at Conciertos de la Villa de Santo Domingo's Festival 2019. It represents, with pride and passion, the choral practice in the Dominican Republic.

Nadia Nicola, Music Director of Koribe
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Nadia Nicola is the Founder and Music Director of KORIBE, Chamber Choir of the Ministry of Culture of the Dominican Republic. She is also the Founder and Director of Vocal Studio, a center for teaching Choral Art and Music Education.

She has been Musical Producer of Discography KORIBE "Christmas Lights", "Patria" and "Root Music Collection" Vocal and Choral Director in Performing Productions and Musical Theater, National Company of Theater, and Modern Dance Company, among others.

Born in Havana, Cuba, Nadia Nicola graduated in Violin and Musical Studies from the Alejandro García Caturla Conservatory and in Choral Direction of the National School of Arts, Havana, Cuba. She has DipABRSM (Hons.) In Music Direction Orchestra, LRSM Music Direction Choral and is a Licensee of the Royal Schools of Music in Music Direction.

She has attended numerous pedagogical programs receiving Diplomas, Education, Training Courses and Musical Education, Choral Direction, Pedagogy and Methodology of Musical Teaching and Choral Practice, Vocal Technique in Choral Practice.

She was awarded prizes as a Choral Director on several occasions, among them, Hnos Saíz Music Contest (Havana, 1990) Grand Prix Choir Director, EGREM Prize (Recordings and Musical Editions Company), Cuban Cultural Assets Fund Award, Editora Musical Award Cuban Isaac Albéniz Music Festival and Competition (Havana, 1990) where she received the First Prize in Choral Direction.

Featured Artists for Gallery Night

Ethos Guitar Quintet
Claudia Reyes, Percussion
Roraima String Quintet
Julián Fernández, UnoNaMa
Sayli Pérez, Vocalist
Elioenai Medina, Keyboard
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